Day 278: Cry cry cry

Voltan is not alone in Super Secret Sea-Base Beta. Voltan has an underling named Zane. Alas Zane is not a henchman. Zane is not even a flunky. In fact Zane has barely reached goon level, and Voltan fears this is likely to be the zenith of Zane's career in evil. Or should that be nadir?

Every Thursday night is movie night in Super Secret Sea-Base Beta. Last Thursday Voltan was feeling magnanimous, having finally succeeded in smiting the tax inspector, and so Voltan allowed Zane to choose the evening's viewing. Voltan feels this was a mistake, and has vowed never to allow this to happen again.

Zane elected to view Walk The Line over the Evilscope, since when he has worn nothing but black, which Voltan could accept quite readily if this were the only effect. However, Zane has also adopted the habit of walking as if his underpants contained considerably more than the two shriveled walnuts Voltan knows to be down there. Zane also claims to be a cowboy, which leads Voltan to wonder just how much attention Zane was paying. But worst of all is that Zane has taken to listening to the recordings of Mr Cash loudly, repeatedly and exclusively.

If Voltan hears Folsom Prison Blues one more time, Voltan may well make Zane walk the line right off B Deck and into the brine below.

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