Day 283: Power to Voltan!

Voltan received the quarterly electricity bill for Super Secret Sea-base Beta two days ago. It is beyond ridiculous. Voltan waxed wrathful upon reading it.

Electricity is supplied to Super Secret Sea-Base Beta via a lengthy underwater power line, for which the power company has the audacity to charge Voltan an exorbitant maintenance fee. Thus Voltan is all but bankrupted even before the company adds further charges for the vastly inflated amount of amperes, joules or watt-evers it claims to have sent along this line.

Voltan shall tolerate this situation no longer! Voltan has resolved to generate power independently!

Sadly the skies above Super Secret Sea-Base Beta are not condusive to the use of solar panels. However, there is ample wind to power a turbine. Voltan has ordered one from the mainland, which Zane shall install upon its delivery. However, it is to be shipped via a number of subsidiary destinations in order to preserve the secrecy of Super Secret Sea-Base Beta. Thus it shall take somewhat longer than the usual six-to-eight weeks.

Until such time as it is delivered, therefore, Voltan is reduced to following Zane around Super Secret Sea-Base Beta turning off the many lights he has carelessly left blazing. This vexes Voltan. Voltan has also been forced to forgo the daily ministrations of Voltan’s electric razor. But there is a silver lining: Zane is no longer permitted to use the Evilscope to play the recordings of Mr Cash. Silence reigns once again.

Except for the bloody seagulls, of course. Perhaps the wind turbine will chop them into little bits. Voltan can but hope.

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