Day 315: Plan for a slave army

Voltan requires cheap, plentiful and expendable labour. Voltan has resolved to meet this requirement with convicts, students and the unemployed. This shall have additional benefits: prison overcrowding shall be eliminated; a potentially hostile intelligentsia shall not be allowed to renew itself, and shall eventually wither; the feckless shall no longer litter the streets nor impose a financial burden upon society.

This work force shall be kept separate from, and subordinate to, Voltan's principal armed forces.


Jamie Starbuck said...

Can I join up? I am neither student, unemployed not convict but I work hard; my life's just a bit meh at the moment and deserve a good slaving. Cheers

MB said...

better stock up on pot noodles and red bull if you're enslaving students.

Gilbey Momerath said...

Dear Voltan.
If I understand you correctly you want to be lord and master of everything.
But as you are stuck in the third person, what will happen when you rule everything except for the first person perspective of yourself.
i.e. Will you say "Voltan will crush Voltan" or "Voltan will crush me" or "Voltan will crush himself" or what?

How do you like the sound of
"Voltan is stuck in a logic loop and pow! Gilbey Momerath takes over his hood! Click!"
My 1st decree as leader?

I decree that Voltan can rule everything because I'm too busy.

Gilbey Momerath said...

Oh and did I mention.



They're the kind of sounds a leader should make.

Trust me, I used to lead all kinds of stuff before I got too busy

Voltan said...

Pah! You rule nothing, momerath. Begone, back to the wabe! And take your borogoves with you; they're all mimsy.

Scaryduck said...

Voltan has resolved to meet this requirement with convicts, students and the unemployed.

That's you rumbled, Volters, me old son. SeaBaseBeta is, in fact, on the Island of Portland.