Day 328: Zap, a return

It has not escaped Voltan's notice that extensive systems of surveillance cameras have become commonplace in large population centres.

Voltan shall subvert these systems and install lasers in the cameras. Then Voltan shall wrest control of the systems from their operators. The power or remote-controlled death shall be at Voltan's fingertips. This shall be to the glory of Voltan!


Scaryduck said...

I've been meaning to ask. Is there a Mrs Voltan, or are you a "confirmed bachelor"?

The Swearing Lady said...

I'd also like to know this, because I want to throw my lingerie at you.

Voltan said...

Voltan's personal life is not a matter for public record. But you may rest assured that if you pelt Voltan with female undergarments, Voltan shall not then wear them.