Day 325, later: Fun

Ha! It is Friday the 13th. Again. Tremble with fear!

Zane has admitted to paraskavedekatriaphobia, the idiot. Voltan shall strew his path with ladders and precariously-balanced mirrors. Then Voltan shall observe his panic. Ha ha ha! This shall please Voltan!

Perhaps, to add a further element to the afternoon's fun, Voltan shall also put some spiders into Miss Billingbrox's hair. Ha ha ha!

Voltan is playful today.

An aside: Voltan applauds the Swedish custom of setting fire to one another on Friday 13th.


Jeff said...

Perhaps you should send Zane to FaPA (Friggatriskaidekaphobics and Paraskavedekatriaphobics Anonymous)... although they probably won't be meeting today.

glacial said...

hmmm...sucessfully navigated Firday the 13th, in Sweden, without nary a singe. Rejoice!

Voltan said...

Were you queuing at Systembolaget for so long that you were late for the fire ritual?