Day 316: On a small vessel

Yesterday Voltan left Super Secret Sea-Base Beta in the Octavius, a 22-foot centre console boat that Voltan uses for sea-borne maintenance and tender duties. It was the former that occupied Voltan's morning. Normally Voltan would send Zane out on the monthly barnacle scrape. However, Voltan required a change of scenery. The endless hours spent upon Super-Secret Sea Base Beta had been playing somewhat on Voltan's mind. Voltan shall soon make a trip to dry land before cabin fever sets in.

Voltan named the Octavius after a ghost ship, thereby playing on Zane's fearful and superstitious nature in order to discourage him from ever taking the craft out of sight of the Sea-Base. Thus, should Zane ever turn against Voltan, he shall not dare use it as a means of escape. It pays to think of every eventuality.


Bummero said...

Ah, you are Voltan, no? Well, I am Bummero, freedom fighter extraordinaire - perhaps you have heard of me? Well, I'm here to interupt your plans for world domination with my pistolitos and my swordplay. You might be onto a winner with your ships and slave army though...

Ros said...

You did remember to take the key to Miss Billingbrox's room with you, right?

Gilbey Momerath said...

You may have a small vessel Voltan
and control of all kinds of cool stuff.

But you will never have control of a small member...

...and I do!

Come and try and wrest control of it away from me why don't you.

There goes your plan for world domination.


How do you like them apples?