Day 318: Jazz hands!

Voltan shall flood Broadway and the West End with a series of musicals so unrelentingly tawdry that the theatre business shall collapse.

This shall force many thousands of feckless thespians into the labour market. Once working in proper jobs they shall cause untold damage to the economies of the world.

Businesses shall fail, and workers shall fear for their homes as rent and mortgages go unpaid.

Thus shall the ground be prepared for Voltan's rise to power.


Yags said...

Speaking as a feckless thespian, I have already brought one company to its knees, and am working on another. All hail Voltan!

(Does this mean I can be one of your lackeys when you take over the world? I am rather strict about punctuation, and am very keen to impose this on the general populace).

Bummero said...

I, Bummero, will not stop this plan. I could. Honest.
But I happen to like tawdry musicals. They let a freedom fighter like me escape from the brutal reality of bringing justice to the masses and defeating merciless evildoers like you.
When will your first run be, please?

Voltan said...

Welcome, Yags.

Your sterling work is most commendable. Voltan shall be pleased to engage you as a lackey. You do possess a certificate of evil at the required level?