Day 317: Remedy

The time has come to deal with Miss Billingbrox.

Voltan is partly to blame for this situation. Voltan should not have become distracted by plotting the path to world domination. Voltan should have acted quickly and decisively. Alas Voltan was remiss in this respect, and now Miss Billingbrox has learnt too much from Zane, and possibly led him astray. Moreover, she has been a drain on resources with her endless demands for food, heating and so on. Also, Voltan needs to get into the sump room in order to perform maintenance.

The plan of action is as follows: Voltan shall dispatch Zane to refresh the anti-rust paint on Super Secret Sea-Base Beta's outer cladding. While he is thus occupied, Voltan shall take Miss Billingbrox away on the Octavius, under the pretence that she is to be returned whence she came. Voltan shall navigate some distance from the Sea-Base until it has disappeared beneath the horizon. (Voltan suspects that Zane, the love-struck fool, may well abandon his duties to observe through the telescope Miss Billingbrox's departure.) Then Voltan shall smite Miss Billingbrox and dump her body overboard.

In order for this to work Voltan must have Miss Billingbrox's trust. Voltan shall begin to regain this trust by allowing her to leave the sump room and attend our gathering around the Evilscope for movie night. Tonight the viewing choice is Voltan's. We shall be watching Key Largo with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

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Charlie said...

Y'know 'Voltan' sounds a bit like Soltan. You're scamming Boots aren't you!