Day 322: Il communication

That uppity popinjay Kim Jong-Il has been throwing his weight around of late. This vexes Voltan. Just because he has a whole country, whereas Voltan only has Super Secret Sea-Base Beta, he thinks he's already halfway there. But it is a crappy country. Everyone knows that. If Mr Kim believes he can achieve world domination before Voltan, he shall have another think coming.

Apparently Kimg Jon-Il's birth, to Kim Jong-Suk, was foretold by a swallow. However, suck and swallow do not a birth make. Voltan smells a rat. Ha ha ha. Perhaps the rat had something to do with it. Ha ha ha.

Bah! Enough of this. Voltan is not scared of Kim's bargain-basement nukes. Voltan shall unleash substance 3xb upon North Korea. Just as soon as Voltan has discovered it.


Scaryduck said...

Kim is a rubbish evil dictator. You'd take him in a straight fight any day of the week, oh great one. I would be priveleged if I could hold your cape whilst you pummel his podgy face into the dirt. But then, I fear I would not be worthy.

This is where I apply for the job of chief toady, isn't it?

Bummero said...

I, Bummero, find Kim Jong-Il bizarre; How can such a nerdy (though I know many cool nerds whom I am slandering deeply with this comparison) looking dictator wield so much power?
I cannot fathom it.