Day 287: The mess must go

Voltan has been watching Anthea Turner: Perfect Housewife on the Evilscope. She is an inspiration for Voltan. Such iron control! Such attention to detail! This is how world domination can be won!

However, Voltan cannot ignore the state of Super Secret Sea-Base Beta. Anthea would not be pleased. There is dust on the rivets. There is rust on the outer cladding. The flanges are all greasy. Moreover, Voltan suspects there may be vermin in Zane's quarters. No doubt they feed and breed within the festering drifts of discarded undergarments that accrete in every corner of his foetid domain.

Voltan has ordered a feather duster and a pair of rubber gloves. Voltan shall put Zane to work. Dust shall be banished! Rust shall be no more! Grease shall be reduced to manageable levels! Vermin shall be exterminated, or perhaps trained up into a crack invasion force with which to create havoc in the offices of the electricity company.

Then perhaps Voltan shall invite Anthea Turner and her white, dust-seeking glove to pay a visit to Super Secret Sea-Base Beta.

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peanut said...

Top tip: a little gingerroot boiled in water is good for getting out that fishy smell.