Day 300: Voltan dares to dream

Visionaries are often dismissed as fantasists. Indeed, Voltan would have thought as much of anyone who suggested packing the worlds' legislatures with biddable legions of the undead. And yes it has been done already! For Voltan has learnt that the Conservative Party in the British legislature has fewer living, human MPs than it has zombies and ghouls.

Voltan can only marvel at the mind behind this. Voltan wonders who it could have been. Perhaps their controller walked among them disguised as yet another zombie? Tebbit, perhaps. Or even Thatcher, although that seems too obvious. More likely she was a decoy zombie created to draw fire away from the real leader. Voltan is unsure as to when the zombification of the party began. Could it have been under Hague? Howard? Perhaps it was Blair: a zombie opposition would serve his purposes admirably. Or even the monarch, although Voltan doubts she would have the stomach for it: being married to a zombie would be enough to put anyone off.

Voltan must discover who this mastermind is and learn their secret. With such knowledge Voltan can zombify legislative branches of government across the globe. Then control of the nation states shall fall to Voltan, and world domination can be achieved! This shall be to the glory of Voltan!

1 comment:

Ros said...

I'm not sure about that, Voltan. I've been into the Conservative Party club enough times to know they're not too keen on brains in there.

They seem to like other body parts a lot more, especially if the owner of said body parts is female.

However, if you think you need to investigate the club, I could be convinced to provide you access for a suitable fee.