Day 310: Fog fug

A sea mist has risen up today. It cuts Super Secret Sea-Base Beta off from the world. The sea is flat with almost no swell at all. There is no movement. No sound. Nothing but flat, milky light.

A listless mood has arisen within Voltan as if to mirror the weather. Voltan spent much of the morning in a brooding torpor. After some time Voltan grew restless and began to fidget, picking rust off rivets and opening and shutting the map room door to hear the hinges squeal.

It is in such moments that Voltan falls prey to fears and misgivings. But it does not do to dwell upon them. One must be resolute if one wishes to take over the world.


MB said...

Ah don't worry, this sort of thing happens all the time at this part of the year. Sooner or later it'll be hurtling towards Christmas and there will be lots of reindeer related ways to use to take over the world.

Misty said...

Quick question for you.

What is your usual attire whilst planning your domination of the planet?

Voltan said...

Voltan does not wear special clothes except on ceremonial occasions. Thus no swishing, high-collared cape; no turban; no sash; no sword of doom. Just something casual, usually in rubber or leather.

The matter of a proper evil uniform for Voltan's armed forces is something Voltan shall touch on later.

Misty said...

Thank you, Voltan :)

Oh, and if you need a designer for the uniforms, please let me know.