Day 290, later: Becalmed

After yesterday's wind, today Super Secret Sea-Base Beta is becalmed. The sea reflects the few clouds above with barely a ripple. All is quiet.

Inside it is quiet, too. Zane has been unusually assiduous in carrying out his duties. Voltan suspects he does not wish to be lambasted in front of the interloper. As for Miss Billingbrox, she has spent most of the day asleep.

It has occurred to Voltan that perhaps her arrival was no accident. Maintaining the secrecy of Super Secret Sea-Base Beta is paramount. Thus, before Voltan can dispose of her, Voltan must discover how much she knows. If she came on a mission then there will be others who know of the Sea-Base, and it will be in jeopardy.

She woke not long ago. Voltan sent Zane to feed her and give her some clothes. Hers were little more than rags. Zane has been given strict instructions not to give her any information. Voltan will talk with her later.

Voltan has used the Evilscope to investigate this Bibi Billingbrox, but it has found nothing. Nothing at all. This vexes Voltan.

Who is this mysterious girl?

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