Day 295: Divide and rule

Voltan shall attack not just individual nation states, but the very concept of a nation state!

Voltan shall target major metropolises throughout the world: New York, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Berlin, Cape Town, Nairobi, Tunis, Cairo, Alexandria, Buenos Aires, Sydney. In each case Voltan shall disrupt the proper functioning of the infrastructure. The transport and communication networks, the distribution of food and fuel, the processing of payments and access to cash. Voltan shall do this in such a manner that the nation state government is blamed.

Voltan shall harness the citizens' rage. Voltan shall foment revolution. In each case the aim shall be cessation from the nation state and the creation of an independent city state. Through puppet governors Voltan shall be the ultimate lord and ruler of the world's major cities. From this power-base, further advances towards world domination can be made.


Scaryduck said...

"Puppet rulers"

Is that, like Kermit the Frog?

Ros said...

Hey Voltan! If you and your idiot goon try to mess with London, I'll send my idiot goon to get you!

My idiot goon is way better than your idiot goon. I trained him myself.

rob said...

Given the present difficulty of, say, attempting to travel across town to buy something from a shop and return with it in one piece, any attempt to disrupt London will most likely go completely unnoticed.