Day 295, later: A meeting with Miss Billingbrox

It is now five days since our interloper arrived. Voltan has thus far been unable to ascertain just how much Miss Billingbrox knew about Voltan and Super Secret Sea-Base Beta before her arrival. Had this occurred upon Super Secret Sea-Base Alpha Voltan would simply have subjected her to the Brainulator. However, Sea-Base Beta is not endowed with such a machine.

Voltan shall now recount a conversation that took place soon after her arrival. Miss Billingbrox had finally recovered from her ordeal enough to begin to take note of her surroundings.

'I want some food,' she said. (Why must Voltan always be plagued by impudence?)

'Zane has fed you, I believe.'

'He gave me bread and water, yes, but I need some real food.'

'I see. It was imaginary bread, perhaps?'

'I need something nutritious. Something hot. With vegetables in it.'

Voltan will admit to being taken aback at her forthright manner. Nevertheless, it does not do in such situations to cede the upper hand.

'What are you doing here, Miss Billingbrox?'

'At this precise moment, Mr... Mr Whoever-You-Are, I am asking for some proper food. I don't want to sound ungrateful. You did rescue me after all. But that doesn't make me your prisoner. I mean, have you even tried to contact the authorities? Someone is coming to collect me from here, aren't they?'

It was at this point that Voltan came to a conclusion: the more food that Miss Billinbrox's mouth contained, the fewer questions could issue forth from it.

'I shall have Zane bring you something from the kitchen.'

Voltan turned and left. And she shouted: 'You still haven't told me your name.'

Since this conversation Voltan has not had time to meet with Miss Billingbrox. Voltan has been busy hatching diabolical plots. However, there has been a certain level of communication through Zane. Miss Billingbrox relays any messages she may have for Voltan to Zane when he serves her meals. Voltan sends any answer when Zane collects the dishes from her new quarters next to the radar room. Voltan is troubled by such extensive contact between Zane and Miss Billingbrox—especially given Zane's infatuation with the girl—however there is little choice at present. Voltan can only hope that Zane is able to hold his tongue. By her very presence upon Super Secret Sea-Base Beta Miss Billingbrox already knows too much.


Anonymous said...

All Hail Voltan - he actually makes sense

Pengor said...

Of course I assume you have done what any evil overlord will do with any female that falls into his clutches: clothe her in an wardrobe sourced from the material of one handkerchief.

I know I would.

Pengor (Arch Nemesis)