Day 296: Bonfire of the profanities

When Voltan is ruler of all, Voltan must be wary of sedition. There will be malcontents. Voltan must thwart the malcontents! One method Voltan will employ is to burn books. This will be greeted with joy by the semi-literate masses.

Voltan can imagine the malcontents’ faces watching their pretty books burn. Ha ha ha! They will be beyond despair! This pleases Voltan.


Scaryduck said...

jWould you be burning *all* books? I mean, without the trusty Haynes manual, the world will soon grind to a halt, and where would you be without the well-thumbed instruction leaflet for the Evilscope?

And if someone were to pen a tome called, say "All Hail Voltan, benevolent protector of us all!", would you burn that too?

Voltan said...

All books not written by Voltan's own propagandists shall be subject to review. A book such as the one you posit would most likely survive the inferno.

Rhys said...

Surely that will cause chavs and suchlike to further reproduce, providing further resistance against the might of Voltan?

Sean Pertwee made a similar mistake in Equilibrium, don't you do the same.

Pengor said...

You come anywhere near my 'Mrs Beeton's Big Book of Fish Recipes', and you'll be feeling the sharp end of my beak, sonny.

Pengor (Arch Nemesis)

Voltan said...

Begone, waddling fish-botherer! Your feeble threats hold no fear for Voltan.

Pengor said...

Yeah? You an' whose army?

You'll be laughing out the other side of your helmet once I've zapped you with my Acme Fish-o-liser ray and serve you up with a nice parsley sauce.

Pengor (Arch Nemesis)