Day 301: A set-to

As ever, last Thursday night was movie night on Super Secret Sea-Base Beta. But last Thursday was different in that Miss Billingbrox was present.

Voltan now knows why she was so insistent that her new quarters be next to the radar room. She mistakenly thought that it contained communications equipment. It seems Miss Billingbrox is eager to send a message to the outside world.

This became apparent when, as we prepared the Evilscope to project Waterworld (Zane's choice), she rushed at Voltan in a violent rage. There was much scratching. It is often thus with high-tempered women. Shortly afterwards, as Voltan blinked the blood from Voltan's eyes, Voltan noted that Miss Billingbrox was bent over the Evilscope's control panel, jabbing at the buttons in a frenzy, shouting that she needed rescuing—as well as a powerful stream of expletives. Voltan further noted that Zane was also prone, clasping his groin with his knees pressed together.

Nevertheless, it was not long before Voltan was able to overpower Miss Billingbrox and subdue her. Voltan always keeps a phial of substance 3qn about his person for just such an occasion. Voltan then locked her in the sump room, where she has resided ever since. There has been much complaining.

Voltan suspects that rescue was not Miss Billingbrox's immediate concern. Voltan wonders whether the expletives were arranged in such a fashion as to transmit information via a pre-arranged secret code. Who knows what she could have achieved had she been able to activate the transmission facility.

This is a dangerous situation. Voltan must watch Miss Billingbrox closely.

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How closely, to be precise?