Day 293: Voltanistan

Voltan admires Saparmyrat Ataýewiç Nyýazow, the great Turkmenbashi! He is a true leader worthy of praise. It will be a great shame to depose him. However, Voltan shall not flinch from this when it is time.

When Voltan is lord and ruler of all, Voltan shall order the construction of giant, rotating golden statues of Voltan to be placed in the principal cities throughout Voltan's dominions.

There shall be much rejoicing. This pleases Voltan.

Moreover, Voltan shall rename various locations in order to reflect their status within the new world order. Thus New York shall become Voltanhattan; London, Voltanium; and Sydney Voltanharbour, New South Voltanland.

All current nation states shall be abolished. They shall be replaced with a single state: Voltanistan.

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